My name is Bennett Smith. I’m pleased to welcome you to my site, and hope you come back often. Information about my professional experience, details on how I can help you with your projects and general ramblings about the technologies I use are published here.

Feel free to surf around and see if you like what’s on my site. I have some strong opinions about software development. Comments are encouraged so please don’t be shy.


Advice on Surviving Death March Projects

Software Design: Want vs. Need

I am always surprised at how short-sighted some folks are who design software. It seems like there is no shortage of people who feel that you just have to listen to your customers to build great software. In my experience, if all you do is build what the customer says he/she wants then your software [...]


Keeping Pace with the Advance of Technology

Attending iOSDevCamp 2010 – Building Meet4Drinks

I am attending the yearly iOSDevCamp event this weekend in SanJose, CA. This is a great event where iPhone/iPad software developers and UI/UX designers come together for a weekend of coding and exploration of ideas around how to use iOS devices. The event organizers hold something called a Hackathon where attendees form ad-hoc teams around [...]


Practical Tips from the Trenches

Setting up my Snow Leopard Ruby 1.9.2, Ruby on Rails 3.0, Nginx, Passenger development environment

Snow Leopard ships with Ruby 1.8.7 installed and an older version of Ruby Gems. I am planning on doing some projects with Ruby on Rails and wanted to setup a current environment. My requirements were: Ruby 1.9.2 Rails 3.0 PostgreSQL 9.0 Nginx Passenger You should download and install the Mac version of PostgreSQL 9.0 from [...]

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